Sponsors and Preferred Products

The logos below represent companies, individuals or products that have sponsored, assisted with or are enjoyed by the Wet Mules divers. We thank them all for their assistance or their reliability.


   National Geographic Society/Waitt Grants  


Products we use and recommend

            Shearwater computers          

Gerbing's 12V heated motor cycle garments proved to be very effective, and good value for money when used for our cold water diving in NZ recently. The heated vest, gloves and foot soles use about 100W of power and in combination with the Light Monkey 21Ah battery pack, heated the divers nicely for over 2 hours. Sweet!

We have to say the O'Three suits we are using have completely changed the way we think about cold water diving. Though not ideal for travel, the heavy crushed neoprene suits are better than anything we have tried before by a long shot. They have significant inherent insulation although it comes at the cost of needing a fair bit more weight. Once submerged ~5m, a drop weight is removed and the buoyancy characteristics stabilise. The built in boots are really comfortable and prevent foot crush (like you get with rock-boot type systems), so your feet stay warm. For long dives most of us wear skins (like the fabulous Weezle skins), 12V heated vest, then a Santi 400 or Weezle Extreme + undersuit (both are highly recommended). Weezle socks with some lightweight woollen undersocks are essential. Add on some dry gloves with the Gerbing's 12V undergloves, and you are on your way! Just don't get dressed in the sun :-) See Craig's full review O'Three Suits

GMS Concepts make the rugged little H2Ov housing for the Contour HD point of view cameras. Really well made out of thick acrylic, they are rated to 120m and individually pressure tested. Gregg from GMS kindly gave us some housings to evaluate and we dived them repeatedly attached to scooters and helmets for many hours, and to a maximum depth of 194m without problem. The spring loaded on/off button is strong enough not to be activated accidentally even at those depths. The rubber guard around the front is essential to prevent flaring from video lights. Note it has a tendency to fall off so I would recommend a drop of adhesive to hold it. Also, be careful with the front face because it does scratch fairly easily and deep gouges (ouch, sorry Gregg!) will show up on the video. Smaller scratches will fill in with water and will not be visible. Now there is no excuse not to capture every dive on HD video with these cool little housings!

In 2012 we'll be taking two of the new 170 degree Contour cameras to the Pearse in the new 200m housing, as well as the other trusty Contours from the last trip. Hopefully we will be able to show you first hand what it is like to explore new cave passage past 200m in depth!

UPDATE: The 2012 expedition culminated in two dives over 200m with a maximum depth of 221m. And the H2O housings with the little Contour + cameras were there all the way, recording every minute of the dives. Both scooter and helmet mounted cameras were used and never missed a beat! Thanks Gregg from GMS Concepts and thanks Contour!

The EEZYCUT Trilobite is a dive knife with attitude! I kid you not, this thing cuts cave line without any sensation of even touching the line! It will happily cut through 11mm climbing rope underwater too.

If you want a cheap new toy that will put a smile on your dial, get a one (or three) of these babies. Check their website here

The tough little Sierra scooters from Dive-Xtras have happily taken us to the bottom of the Pearse resurgence on several occasions. When we pimped them up with some of JDZ's home made lithium ion batteries they also drove us the the end of Cocklebiddy Cave and (nearly) back on one charge...that's a 12km round trip!. Can't wait to have a look at the new light they 
have come up with!