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Sartori Update

posted Aug 28, 2011, 2:48 AM by Craig Challen   [ updated Aug 28, 2011, 3:32 AM ]
Back into the shed today for the next round of steps in the Sartori CCR conversion. I believe I will be able to test dive it next weekend!

First job today to jump on the lathe and manufacture the insert for the old exhalation port into the head. The oxygen injection will be through here.

Next, install the cable to the electronics, and install the oxygen cells.
This is funny-after deliberating for some time on how to retain/support the cells, I first just shoved them in. Probably would have worked fine but not very elegant. Then, in a flash of inspiration, I got out the hot glue gun and just stuck them on the sides of the cell chamber. Worked a treat!

The modifications to the head complete. Note the following:
1. I have used the Liquivision X-Link and X1 computer for monitoring. The X-Link is no longer available, although I hear rumours that a replacement product is on the way. It was almost unbelievably easy to get working though, just put the Molex connectors on the cable ends, connect the X-Link to the X1, switch on cell monitoring, calibrate and go. Readout seems quite stable.

2. Hose with manual oxygen injection valve. I will use this for testing but likely replace with a KISS valve or similar once the concept is proved.

The rebreather just needs to be reassembled and it can be dived. 
I have not yet embarked on improving gas flow other than in the head, but have several ideas in mind, so this will be the next job after test diving.