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Pimp my Ride!

posted Jul 21, 2011, 2:00 AM by Craig Challen

Give me any colour as long as it's black OK?

Harry is scared of yellow things underwater, and Paul Raymaekers wouldn't let him have a black rEVO...he says they are only for the military. So, thanks to a little help from some 3M Di-Noc faux Carbon fibre he now has a very sweet looking rig that is as macho as a macho thing. And isn't Craig just a bit jealous!

And what's that? Some Wetmules merchandising appearing on the unit in the form of sticker! Is there no stopping the Wetmules! Global Underwater Domination could be next!

Whilst Harry is all about first impressions and looking his best, our Tech Diving Queen offers some more practical uses for the rEVO cover.
Whether it's HRH Queen Elizabeth coming over for tea and cucumber sandwiches, or the Wetmules coming around for a whiskey and Calvados poker night, Sandy proves that one can still be Australia's most fab tech diver and entertain in style. You go girlfriend!