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Perth Deep Wreck Week concludes

posted Apr 15, 2011, 10:57 PM by Craig Challen   [ updated Apr 15, 2011, 11:10 PM ]
Dave, Sandy and Craig have just spent a week diving the deep wrecks beyond Rottnest Island off Perth. For the most part excellent weather and great conditions apart from a ripping current at one location that prevented us achieving the primary objective. However we anticipate that the wreck will still be there next year.
On Tuesday we had a small obstacle present itself in the form of a boat motor self-destructing about 30 nautical miles off shore. Limping home on one motor we thought things looked a little bleak for the rest of the week. However a rather remarkable effort by our skipper Luke Nelson of Image Dive and Charters resulted in the offending motor being replaced next day and our program able to continue virtually uninterrupted.
Our greatest thanks to Luke and our deck crew for the week, Kim Halliday and Rich Bean for their super support, hard work and flavoursome hamburgers.
For you aspiring young divers out there, we were also given a lesson in exactly how technical you need to be to become Technical Diver of the Year: