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New Discovery! The SS Federal...

posted Feb 14, 2013, 2:33 AM by Richard Harris   [ updated Mar 5, 2013, 2:34 AM ]

Dave and Sandy, the wreck diving king and queen of the Wetmules relate the story of their awesome discovery: “ It’s probably only a shopping trolley”, was one of the comments flying around the boat as we all geared up expecting, as usual, to dive sand again in the quest for this elusive wreck. But on Sunday 2nd September 2012, after more than two years and many cancelled trips because of weather, a couple of the Wetmules in conjunction with some local and interstate friends, finally discovered, what they believe to be the elusive wreck of the SS Federal!

Laying in 116 m of water, making it the deepest discovered wreck in Victorian waters, the relatively intact wreck was dived by a small group of keen wreck divers consisting of Damien Siverio, Andreas Timms, Dave Hurst, Sandy Varin and Dave Bardi. Craig Challen had also made the pilgrimage over two years ago, but the weather was not kind, forcing him to return to WA diveless.

Special thanks must be extended to Tony, Brick and Oscar for their patience in taking the small group to the remote location and attending topside whilst the 5 hour dive was underway. Unlike our crew on the Derwent, they didn't eat every morsel of food whilst we were on deco. Also, to Dave Hurst for photos and being a member of the original team which began this project. This is also his discovery as much as ours.
The Mules and their friends intend to return so that the wreck is properly documented and its identity confirmed, to ensure that the wreck takes its place in Australian maritime history.

Images David Hurst


Video by Damien Siviero